A who’s who of the WEDC Virtual Trade Venture to Canada.

The WEDC Virtual Trade Venture to Canada starts in exactly two weeks! We’ve been busily preparing for this event by making Canadian connections for our Wisconsin client companies. Below is a list of venture participants; feel free to contact us if you’d like to learn more about them.

 Arbré Technologies Inc. Established in 2016, Arbré Technologies, Inc. is a small Wisconsin-based company (seven staff) that offers state-of-the-art software and innovative RFID hardware to help horticultural businesses and other green asset companies efficiently manage inventory, improve workflows, eliminate waste, reduce time, decrease costs, and improve profit margins. Arbré Technologies would like to identify – and connect with – larger Canadian propagators for direct sales of ornamental plants, trees, flowers, and cannabis. They would also like to identify and connect with any other companies selling complimentary supplies – labels, bar codes, tags and other grower supplies.

CommitChange CommitChange (founded 2013) builds open source, online fundraising tools for non-profits. They offer Software as a Service (SaaS), providing non-profits a platform and tools that offer an integrated and intuitive digital experience to build engagement with their donor community. CommitChange focuses on user experience and functionality for its clients. As a company, they are hands-on and highly transparent in their operations. CommitChange would like to connect with Canadian developers to discuss currency adaptation, learn about potential barriers to expansion, and engage with more non-profits.

Lakeside Manufacturing Inc. With over 70 years of experience and 200 employees, Lakeside Manufacturing offers a diverse line of mobile equipment that transports, stores, heats, cools, serves, dispenses, organizes, displays and merchandises products for foodservice, healthcare, laboratories, and industrial settings. They are continually engineering new products (and updating existing products) to stay in tune with industry trends and their customers’ unique needs. Lakeside Manufacturing is ISO 9001 certified, build their products to NSF standards, and are the number one utility cart manufacturer in the world. Lakeside is looking to find Canadian distributors in the foodservice, medical, and cannabis sectors.

McFarlane Ag Manufacturing McFarlane has been a leading innovator of agricultural equipment since 1917. The company is based in Sauk City, Wisconsin, and has been family owned and operated since its establishment. McFarlane’s equipment solutions for tillage problems surpass their competitors’ products and deliver rugged dependability, all while taking a thorough, hands-on approach to products, service, and support. Their equipment helps to reduce time and labour and improve crop yields. McFarlane is looking for large, commercial farm-direct contacts that can be shared with their existing distributor in order to help grow the business in Western Canada.

OEM Fabricators Inc. Founded in 1987, privately held OEM Fabricators, Inc. has grown from a 2,500 square foot pole shed to a multi-location organization with three facilities in Wisconsin, approximately 148,000 square feed of manufacturing and office space, and over 250 employees. OEM Fabricators is a contract manufacturer, building medium and heavy metal critical components for original equipment manufacturers specializing in the construction, mining, and rail industries. Their niche is working with higher quality, more complex parts, and they excel with parts that require larger weldments, machining, and paint. OEM Fabricators would like to identify Canadian OEMs (or Canadian manufacturing locations for European or U.S. OEMs) that use welded, machined, and painted components in their equipment.

Patriot Taxiway Industries Established in 2007, Patriot Taxiway industries designs and manufactures aircraft, airfield, and portable lighting for both military and civilian aircraft, with a strength in LED lighting and integration. Their mission is to provide superior quality aerospace and military lighting products and services to their customers, and Patriot’s executive team has many years of experience working with large prime contractors and the U.S. military. In 2020 Patriot received the U.S. President’s “E”, Export Award recognizing their success in global markets. Patriot Taxiways is hoping to engage with electrical and optical engineers with Canada’s larger business jet and related aerospace companies.

Photonic Cleaning Technologies, LLC Photonic Cleaning Technologies, LLC is a small Wisconsin manufacturer that makes First Contact™ Polymer, a safe, easy-to-use strip coat cleaning system that removes dust, fingerprints, residue, and contaminants from precision surfaces. Their product leaves surfaces atomically clean for the aerospace and photonic (optical, laser and imaging) industries, and is used on the world’s largest telescope and by amateur astronomers as well as NASA, manufacturers, and aerospace and defense companies around the world. Photonic Cleaning would like to connect with Canadian distributors and identify end-user companies in the country’s photonics and aerospace industries.

Purple Cow Organics Formed in 2011as a response to the growth in organic farming, Purple Cow Organics LLC manufactures high-grade horticultural soil amendments, including a broad spectrum liquid biological that is utilized in both conventional and organic growing systems, and is suitable for most crops. Purple Cow Organics is a locally owned company with 20 employees and the mantra “Healthy soil. Healthy planets. Healthy people.” Purple Cow is looking to develop a few good distribution contacts, primarily in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta. Successful distributors should have bulk storage/warehouse capacity with dealer and/or consultant networks. Purple Cow is also looking to connect with a few influential farmers/growers.

Road Widener Road Widener manufactures patented road shouldering and maintenance equipment – the most flexible and portable road wideners on the market. They offer the best cost-per-ton ratio when compared to traditional methods of laying asphalt or aggregate. Road Widener attachments can be used on both skid steers and larger machines Their goal is to partner with national construction equipment dealers in Canada, who sell road paving equipment to construction and municipal buyers and markets.


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