Exploring a new market sector? Add trade shows to your calendar.

If you follow us on Twitter, you’ll notice that we post a lot of information about trade shows happening in Canada. We do this to alert our clients who want make inroads into various Canadian markets.

Trade shows are a big part of any market entry strategy. The Globe and Mail quoted our own Nancy Ward back in 2016:

“Trade shows are an excellent way to go into a market and really get more of a read on a specific industry segment that you’re targeting.”

Of course, simply showing up is only half the battle. Whether you exhibit or simply attend, you’ll need to:

We were very busy with trade shows last week, attending both the Waste & Recycling Expo Canada and the Halal Expo Canada. These shows are very valuable to us and our clients. They allow us to see innovations in this market, such as the evolution of electric vehicles used in waste collection.

Boivin electric collection waste and recycling expo

The Halal Expo was particularly interesting. It was the first expo of its kind in Canada and although the show was not large, it offered many valuable insights into market growth and the certification process for food and cosmetics.

halal expo canada halal certification

These shows are educational for us – and even more valuable for client companies coming to Canada for the first time.

You can follow us online, or use Google to find trade shows relevant to your industry happening in Canada. This small step can go a long way to expanding your global market opportunities.

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