Interested in selling to the Canadian government? Read on.

The CanadaBuys web portal is open for registration.

A little background: The Government of Canada earlier announced that it would move government tendering from its current Buyandsell site to an SAP Ariba platform referred to as CanadaBuys – a “new suite of online procurement services, launched by Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC).” On CanadaBuys, businesses will be able to view and bid on opportunities with the Canadian government.

Although exact transition dates have not yet been posted, the CanadaBuys roadmap says the platform will be rolled out in phases over the next year. In the interim, CanadaBuys suggests preparing for the change by registering for both SAP Ariba and the existing Supplier Registration Information (SRI) system, since some opportunities listed on Buyandsell will be automatically redirected to SAP Ariba. And as per the PSPC, “Registering and completing your company profile in advance will save you time and will let you put all of your focus on preparing your bid when the time comes.”

A recent PSPC email stated that more than 3,000 suppliers have already registered with CanadaBuys. You can register your business here. For help, call, email, or chat with the CanadaBuys Service Desk.


Feature image courtesy Pexels

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