Time for a work-from-home check-in.

It’s been more than two months since COVID-19 upended the way we work and live. There’s been no shortage of articles about setting up your home office and keeping your team connected while working remotely. But while it’s important to ensure your team stays connected for business productivity, it’s important to ensure they stay connected for other reasons, too.

Colleague connections are vital – not just for team cohesion but for physical and mental wellness reasons, too. Morale and productivity all improve when employees are connected. But how can that be achieved when everyone is working from different locations?

Thomas Insights has some great suggestions to achieve this, including:

(On a personal note: our colleagues did a ‘virtual lunch’ not long ago, and it was a resounding success – well received from all teammates.)

You can read the whole article here – it has a lot of useful information to help you and your teammates stay connected. So stay visible, stay sociable – and keep washing those hands.

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