Time for a work-from-home check-in.

It's been more than two months since COVID-19 upended the way we work and live. There's been no shortage of articles about setting up your home office and keeping your team connected while working remotely. But while it's important to ensure your team stays connected for business productivity, it's important to ensure they stay connected … Continue reading Time for a work-from-home check-in.

What’s in store for retail.

It's a good day to look at what's in store for retail (pun unintentional). COVID-19 has given the retail sector quite the drubbing, although it hasn't meted that out equally. The virus has been a gift to the grocery sector, where panic buying and online shopping took food retail to new heights.  Hardware e-commerce has … Continue reading What’s in store for retail.

Surviving social distancing.

We're almost finished two months of lock-down, and let's face it - it's been tough. We're stressed, confused, and we miss our routines and our socializing. But although some places are now relaxing restrictions, it will be quite some time before we can move around like we did early this year. As part of Mental … Continue reading Surviving social distancing.

Don’t be afraid to host a webinar.

Because Thomas Insights has you covered. The business world already had its toes in the online water but thanks to COVID-19, we've all been forced to plunge right into the deep end. There's really no need to worry about failing (or flailing), however - the Internet has so many resources available, your webinars are sure … Continue reading Don’t be afraid to host a webinar.

Always check your sources.

A pandemic is a trying time for everyone. And the sad reality is that there will always be fraudsters trying to make money off society's collective fear and uncertainty. Scams have included fraudulent - and potentially deadly - cures and treatments, email/phone scams, and e-commerce account takeovers and shipping fraud. It's disheartening, to say the … Continue reading Always check your sources.