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An update on CARM’s Release 2.

The Canada Border Services Agency has been in the process of implementing its Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) program which, when fully operational, will simplify and modernize reporting processes, reduce the cost of importing to Canada, and ensure compliance with trade rules. (We’ve posted updates on this process in previous blogs.)

The CARM client portal was launched in May, 2021; CARM’s second phase was originally scheduled for release next month, although that timeline has now changed somewhat. Next month’s release is a ‘soft launch’ that will “allow selected industry partners to test their own internal systems and allow time for software service providers to continue to certify their software with CARM.”

As per the CBSA’s website:

In May 2024, CARM will become the official system of record for the collection of duties and taxes for commercial goods imported into Canada.

The release scheduled in May, 2024 will introduce the following features:

Note: As of May 2024, the ability to register for an importer or exporter account (RM) will only be available via the CARM Client Portal. The Canada Revenue Agency will no longer be providing this service.

Further enhancements are expected to become available in the fall of 2024.

A list of licensed customs brokers in Canada can be found here; if a broker is currently managing your RPP, speak to them about how this change might affect you, and your options.

The CBSA has a user guide for anyone new to CARM’s client portal. You can also find good information on Livingston’s CARM page, the CBSA’s website, and through the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers. And as always, follow our blog for updates on this (and other) import/export matters.

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