A look at shipping ports in Canada.

As per AZ Animals:

Canada’s ports play a key role in global trade, serving as gateways that connect this massive country to the rest of the world… Stretching from the Pacific to the Atlantic and reaching up to the Arctic, these ports show off Canada’s geographical diversity and its extensive maritime reach. Each port, with every ship that docks and departs, facilitates the movement of goods that Canadians rely on while also enabling Canadian products to reach markets across the globe.

AZ Animals

Canada has more than 550 port facilities (as per Transport Canada); in 2017 they carried almost $90 billion ( or 17%) of Canada’s exports to world markets, and brought in $100 billion (or 21%) of Canada’s imports by value that same year. Seventeen of Canada’s ports are Canada Port Authorities due to their “strategic, regional, national, continental and international importance.”

AZ Animals recently highlighted the 12 largest of Canada’s ports, and we found the article quite fascinating. For example, did you know:

You can read AZ Animals’ full list of Canada’s 12 largest ports (with details about their facilities and capacities) here.


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