Which platform gives your small business the most audience engagement?

Twitter has overtaken the news cycle (for reasons we don’t need to rehash here) but it did get us thinking: if that platform shut down, where would we go next?

The answer is obviously ‘follow your audience’ but we’re curious about other small business operators’ experiences with other social sites (including LinkedIn). So this week we’re running a short poll, asking which platform gives you the best return on your time investment. We’ll run it for four weeks and post the results here on December 21.

This is by no means a comprehensive survey; it doesn’t include details such as industry sector or target market attributes. It’s just a simple question, and we’re curious about your answer. So vote, share the poll with other entrepreneurs, let us know which platform works best for your business – and we’ll see you here on December 21.

(And to our US-based friends and colleagues, we wish you a safe and very happy Thanksgiving.)


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