Taking a look at some of our client companies.

We regularly work with a lot of U.S. and overseas companies from a broad swath of industries, helping with everything from market research to finding partners and distributors in Canada.

Today, we’re going to introduce a few companies – one from each of our five U.S. client states – and look at their product offering and goals for Canada.

Conco Services LLC – Verona, Pennsylvania-based Conco Services LLC offers its Total PerformanceTM platform (with patented technology-based cleaning, nondestructive testing and leak detection services) to power plants, refineries, and industrial production facilities, helping them improve energy output, reduce downtime – and realize increased profitability and productivity. Conco is seeking a Canadian field services distributor with locations in Sarnia, Ontario, and/or eastern Canada.

IKA Works, Inc. – A global company with a U.S. base in Wilmington, North Carolina, IKA Works products are sought out by the scientific community. They offer a wide range of innovative equipment including magnetic stirrers, mixers, shakers, and rotary evaporators, to name a few. IKA Works is expanding its Canadian presence, and looking to find new opportunities for their processing division across the country (particularly with companies doing R&D processing and extraction in the cannabis sector).

EnBiologics – Based in Detroit, Michigan, EnBiologics has created HoneyCure, an all-natural, easy-to-apply wound treatment for pets. Its active ingredient is Manuka honey, known for its antimicrobial properties. EnBiologics is searching for a Canadian distribution partner in the retail pet sector in Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritime provinces.

TYRI Americas – From its U.S. office in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, TYRI offers intelligent lighting solutions for mining, construction, agriculture, and forestry – industries that demand rugged, reliable light sources. TYRI’s INTELLilightTM allows its operators to adjust for colour temperatures, has sensors that automatically adjusts levels, and has an app that permits grouping/regrouping lights in a wireless mesh network – all for increased work safety. TYRI is looking to connect with Canadian distributors and/or representatives in Quebec and Western Canada.

Waterlox Coatings Corp. – Cleveland, Ohio-based Waterlox Coatings offers stains, sealers, and finishes that are the first choice for restoration experts, craftsment, and wood floor specialists. Waterlox products are created from a blend of tung oil and resin which penetrate deep into wood, lock out water, and enhance the wood’s natural beauty. Waterlox is looking for a wide range of prospective partners across the Canadian market.

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