Cannabis edibles regulations: news of note for 2019.

Welcome back! We hope everyone had a great holiday, and is ready for a busy 2019.

While we were offline, Health Canada launched its proposed regulations for edible cannabis products. (This is a follow-up to marijuana legalization in this country, which came into effect on October 17 of last year.)

Edible cannabis products are to be legalized this fall, and the proposed regulations will include items such as:

  • Including three classes of products – edibles, extracts, and topicals,
  • Limiting packaged edibles to a maximum of 10 milligrams of THC (extracts and topicals would be limited to 1,000 milligrams of THC),
  • Prohibiting cannabis-infused alcohol products (unless the product is a tincture, which contains minor traces of alcohol and is meant to be consumed a few drops at a time), and
  • Prohibiting packaging and labeling beer or wine products with cannabis products.

Health Canada has opened the proposed regulations to public consultation, and will be accepting input until February 20. Submissions can be written, or sent online.

We’ll be watching this story, and bringing you updates as they arrive.

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