More food and health product info you need to know

Last week, we posted an update on the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (scheduled for implementation on January 15, 2019) and what food manufacturers and exporters can do to prepare. This week, we’re adding additional information that businesses in the food and health sectors should know.

Partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) in foods

On September 17, the Canada Food Inspection Agency announced that food manufacturers were no longer permitted to use PHOs in foods sold in Canada (although a two-year phase-in period is scheduled, to allow existing stock to be depleted). You can learn more about this here.

Regulations for Amazon health product sellers in Canada

Amazon recently announced that all over-the-counter and nonprescription drug sellers and health product purveyors who sell into Canada via their platform must comply with all federal and provincial laws pertaining to product licensing and labeling. You can learn more about this on Amazon’s seller central.

We recommend all businesses in these sectors carefully review the information in the links above to ensure compliance with these regulations. And we will continue to watch for new developments in these sectors.

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