Counting down to the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations

We’ve posted previously about the upcoming Safe Food for Canadians Act and corresponding Safe Food for Canadians Regulations. And with the deadline looming, it’s time to issue a reminder.

To recap: In 2012, the Government of Canada began modernizing the country’s food inspection system, to ensure the food on Canadian shelves will be safe (regardless of origin), and to include criminal charges for tampering or non-compliance. Canada’s eight inspection programs will be replaced with one comprehensive system – the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations – which will align with trading partners’ systems. There are three key components to this new system: licensing, preventive control planning, and traceability.

The Safe Food for Canadians Regulation come into effect on January 15, 2019. On that date, all food manufacturers and importers must be in compliance with these new regulations.

While there are varying timelines for certain types of food product, the majority will be subject to the January date listed above. And since the licensing process might take time, we at Grow Trade Consulting Inc. encourage our food-based client companies to begin the licensing process now.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has a page dedicated to these regulations, and has included an interactive licensing tool for food manufacturers and importers. The site also includes implementation timelines for varying types of food businesses.

Don’t be hamstrung when the new law takes effect. Familiarize yourself with the timelines and regulations now to enjoy uninterrupted access to the Canadian food sector.

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