Look who’s returning to the Global Petroleum Show!

We’re officially one week away from the 2018 Global Petroleum Show, running June 12-14 in Calgary, Alberta. This means it’s a good time to highlight a few of our Pennsylvania client companies who have strong ties to Canada’s oil and gas sector and are making repeat appearances at this year’s show.

DSC00904Daisy Data Displays have been making rugged, industrial computers, monitors, keyboards, and peripherals since 1982. Their products have been long sought after by the oil and gas exploration sector, as well as the military, flight simulation, and food processing industries. This is Daisy Data’s second trip to GPS, and we’re looking forward to seeing them in the Pennsylvania booth once again.

DSC00929PBM (Pittsburgh Brass Manufacturing) Valve Solutions is a 100+-years-old company that today is a leading producer of dependable, high-quality valves, with the durability needed for harsh oil and gas environments. PBM has made a name for itself in a host of other industries, including food and beverage, steel, cryogenic, and pulp and paper sectors. PBM’s first trip to GPS was in 2015, and they’ve been making the trip ever since.

DSC00926DFT Inc. has been making world-class, problem-solving, in‑line, axial-flow, nozzle-style silent check valves and severe service control valves since 1943 – and have been fixtures in the Pennsylvania booth since 2014! DFT’s valves are widely sought by the oil and gas industry, as well as the chemical processing, mining, pulp and paper, and water treatment sectors – making Calgary a prime stop in their yearly schedule.

Representatives from DFT Inc., PBM, and Daisy Data Displays will be in Pennsylvania’s booth – Halls ABC, booth 1424 – for the duration of the show, so be sure to drop by and say hello.

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