A brief look at Canada’s entertainment industry.

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) starts tomorrow - an event long heralded as the oracle of Oscar season. And to honour this long-running and hotly anticipated event, we've decided to take a quick look at Canada's film sector. Movies and television have been a thriving business in Canada for quite some time. Toronto, Ontario's 2014 municipal … Continue reading A brief look at Canada’s entertainment industry.

Summer send-off safety tips.

Labour Day weekend is upon us! It feels like yesterday we were welcoming the sunshine and planning weekend get-aways. And now, the kids are heading back to school. Many people will be spending the coming days enjoying what's left of summer. While our regular posts focus on market and trade information, we thought we'd use … Continue reading Summer send-off safety tips.

The evolution of back-to-school shopping.

Here we are in the latter half of August, when backpacks, binders, pens and pencils increasingly find their way to store checkout lines. Canadian kids go back to school in just a few weeks, and an Ebates survey conducted in early June reveals some interesting insights, including: The average spend-per-child for 2019 is $168, up … Continue reading The evolution of back-to-school shopping.

Retail round-up.

We get a lot of emails from various sources, offering information about what's happening in many different industries in Canada and around the world. And the retail alerts have really been piquing our interest. There are too many to list properly on Twitter or LinkedIn, so we thought we'd offer a round-up on our blog. So … Continue reading Retail round-up.

Sidewalk Toronto: potential opportunities in waterfront development.

Firms may have an opportunity to be involved in the engineering, construction and information and communications technology (ICT) areas in this major redevelopment of the Toronto waterfront area. In 2017, Waterfront Toronto issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) that identified the need for “new and innovative partnerships, funding and investment models” in an era of … Continue reading Sidewalk Toronto: potential opportunities in waterfront development.