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  • Opportunities in Canada’s broadband networks.

    Opportunities in Canada’s broadband networks.

    In 2019 Canada’s federal, provincial, and territorial ministers of innovation and economic development resolved to make broadband a national priority, resulting in the High Speed Access for All: Canada’s Connectivity Strategy.  Broadband networks are an important component of the knowledge economy, and affect many sectors and economic activities. Investments in broadband technology drives growth, innovation,…

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  • Digital growth for SMEs.

    Digital growth for SMEs.

    COVID-19 has challenged the retail models we’ve known for so long. In Canada alone, eCommerce sales in May 2020 reached a record CAD $3.9 billion – a 2.3% increase over April, and almost double the eCommerce sales for February (CAD $2 billion). Although many retail specialists feel that brick-and-mortar will never completely go away, pandemic-induced…

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