What motivates Canadian shoppers?

Are you trying to reach Canadian shoppers? A little insight into their purchasing habits can really help retailers with their sales and marketing plans. Strategy Online recently posted insights into how Canadian consumers think. These include: Although 71 per cent of Canadians say they enjoy shopping, many (47 per cent) want it done quickly and … Continue reading What motivates Canadian shoppers?

The evolution of back-to-school shopping.

Here we are in the latter half of August, when backpacks, binders, pens and pencils increasingly find their way to store checkout lines. Canadian kids go back to school in just a few weeks, and an Ebates survey conducted in early June reveals some interesting insights, including: The average spend-per-child for 2019 is $168, up … Continue reading The evolution of back-to-school shopping.

Retail round-up.

We get a lot of emails from various sources, offering information about what's happening in many different industries in Canada and around the world. And the retail alerts have really been piquing our interest. There are too many to list properly on Twitter or LinkedIn, so we thought we'd offer a round-up on our blog. So … Continue reading Retail round-up.

An in-depth look at Canada’s shifting retail market.

Canadian retailers and clothing brands are re-evaluating marketing and distribution strategies. Growing needs exist for the use of technology and other analytical services to understand consumer interests and provide innovative customized experiences. The Canadian retail clothing and accessories marketplace is highly competitive, with  2018 sales valued at more than $34.2 billion, an almost 5% increase … Continue reading An in-depth look at Canada’s shifting retail market.

The growing market for customer experience analytics.

The Customer Experience (CX) field is gaining interest and predicted to grow 13.3% in the next five years. An increasing number of Canadian companies recognize the importance of using data analytics tools to provide personalized customer experiences. The overall business landscape in the global market is evolving and changing rapidly and the customer’s level of … Continue reading The growing market for customer experience analytics.