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  • What’s on March ’23.

    What’s on March ’23.

    We can’t say it enough: trade shows (and related events) are a great way to learn about – and make connections in – a new market. So every month we gather a list of what’s on across Canada, across a wide range of industries, and post them here. Click on the links below for more…

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  • Opportunities in Canada, by region.

    Opportunities in Canada, by region.

    Pandemic-related restrictions are being lifted across Canada, the economy is bouncing back – and with recovery comes opportunities for companies that offer goods and services to a variety of industries across the country, including energy, infrastructure, mining, and aerospace. Infrastructure projects abound in British Columbia, thanks to joint investments from the federal and provincial governments.…

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  • What’s on in June.

    What’s on in June.

    June is chock-a-block with trade shows! Trade events offer great opportunities to connect directly with target market insiders; consumer shows are a chance to introduce a new product or service directly to an end user. Both can be effective ways of engaging with a new market. Although many pandemic mitigation restrictions are being lifted, Covid-19…

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  • Manitoba: a hub for critical minerals.

    Manitoba: a hub for critical minerals.

    Critical minerals are used in specialized batteries, solar panels, and wind turbines; they’re essential for renewable energy and clean technology applications. They’re also needed for advanced manufacturing supply chains including defense and security, electronics, agriculture, medical applications, automotive/parts manufacturing, and critical infrastructure. The global demand for critical minerals is growing rapidly; the demand for lithium…

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