Green investing in the Great Lakes

This is exciting. The Great Lakes Impact Investment Platform was recently launched by the Conference of Great Lakes St. Lawrence Governors & Premiers as a way to promote "environmentally sustainable economic growth in the Great Lakes states and provinces." The Platform is a way to showcase public and private projects that encourage environmental sustainability in … Continue reading Green investing in the Great Lakes

Pitching in during COVID-19.

These are stressful days for everyone - businesses, workers, families. Everyone. It's hard to avoid being consumed by worry and fear due to COVID-19. But adversity can bring out the best in all of us and with that in mind, today's blog post will examine the Canadian companies that have stepped up to help the … Continue reading Pitching in during COVID-19.

Always check your sources.

A pandemic is a trying time for everyone. And the sad reality is that there will always be fraudsters trying to make money off society's collective fear and uncertainty. Scams have included fraudulent - and potentially deadly - cures and treatments, email/phone scams, and e-commerce account takeovers and shipping fraud. It's disheartening, to say the … Continue reading Always check your sources.

Resource recommendations.

We've all seen an unprecedented flurry of changes in the past week. How we work, live, and shop have all changed as a result of efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19. It is a confusing and scary time, but there are resources available to ensure you have the right information, and the right tools … Continue reading Resource recommendations.

Visiting Canada for business? Here are some things to consider.

Trade show season is heating up, which means a lot of people will be coming to Canada to make business connections. There are a number of things to consider when visiting Canada for business, such as: The length and nature of the visit, Whether you are entering from a visa-exempt country (i.e. the U.S., U.K., … Continue reading Visiting Canada for business? Here are some things to consider.