Retail round-up.

We get a lot of emails from various sources, offering information about what's happening in many different industries in Canada and around the world. And the retail alerts have really been piquing our interest. There are too many to list properly on Twitter or LinkedIn, so we thought we'd offer a round-up on our blog. So … Continue reading Retail round-up.

Sidewalk Toronto: potential opportunities in waterfront development.

Firms may have an opportunity to be involved in the engineering, construction and information and communications technology (ICT) areas in this major redevelopment of the Toronto waterfront area. In 2017, Waterfront Toronto issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) that identified the need for “new and innovative partnerships, funding and investment models” in an era of … Continue reading Sidewalk Toronto: potential opportunities in waterfront development.

More about toiletries with plastic microbeads.

Toiletries containing plastic microbeads are now illegal for sale in Canada. The law came into effect on July 1, 2019. This follows a ban on manufacture and import of these products that came into force on July 1, 2018. Natural health products and non-prescription drugs that contained microbeads were exempt from the 2018 rule, but … Continue reading More about toiletries with plastic microbeads.

Opportunities in Canadian transit

Companies have an opportunity to contribute (via supplying or partnering) to Vancouver's TransLink transit investment projects which aim to provide efficient, affordable, and sustainable transit options. TransLink is Metro Vancouver's transportation network, serving residents and visitors with public transit, major roads, and bridges. With a legislated requirement to identify proposed transportation services, key initiatives, and … Continue reading Opportunities in Canadian transit

An in-depth look at Canada’s shifting retail market.

Canadian retailers and clothing brands are re-evaluating marketing and distribution strategies. Growing needs exist for the use of technology and other analytical services to understand consumer interests and provide innovative customized experiences. The Canadian retail clothing and accessories marketplace is highly competitive, with  2018 sales valued at more than $34.2 billion, an almost 5% increase … Continue reading An in-depth look at Canada’s shifting retail market.