What’s in store for retail.

It's a good day to look at what's in store for retail (pun unintentional). COVID-19 has given the retail sector quite the drubbing, although it hasn't meted that out equally. The virus has been a gift to the grocery sector, where panic buying and online shopping took food retail to new heights.  Hardware e-commerce has … Continue reading What’s in store for retail.

Green investing in the Great Lakes

This is exciting. The Great Lakes Impact Investment Platform was recently launched by the Conference of Great Lakes St. Lawrence Governors & Premiers as a way to promote "environmentally sustainable economic growth in the Great Lakes states and provinces." The Platform is a way to showcase public and private projects that encourage environmental sustainability in … Continue reading Green investing in the Great Lakes

Don’t be afraid to host a webinar.

Because Thomas Insights has you covered. The business world already had its toes in the online water but thanks to COVID-19, we've all been forced to plunge right into the deep end. There's really no need to worry about failing (or flailing), however - the Internet has so many resources available, your webinars are sure … Continue reading Don’t be afraid to host a webinar.

Pitching in during COVID-19.

These are stressful days for everyone - businesses, workers, families. Everyone. It's hard to avoid being consumed by worry and fear due to COVID-19. But adversity can bring out the best in all of us and with that in mind, today's blog post will examine the Canadian companies that have stepped up to help the … Continue reading Pitching in during COVID-19.

Keeping on-site teams safe during the COVID crisis.

We recently sat in on a webinar hosted by Canadian Manufacturing, Plant, and Electronic Products and Technology magazines. The webinar addressed the challenges facing manufacturing businesses and teams during the COVID-19 crisis, and featured keynote speakers Dennis Darby (President & CEO, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters) and Stephen Loftus (President/Co-Owner, Innovative Automation Inc.). It can seem … Continue reading Keeping on-site teams safe during the COVID crisis.