What We Do

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Grow Trade Consulting Inc. works closely with public and private Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) from the United States, Canada, and abroad, at local, state/provincial, and national levels. We provide our EDOs’ small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with customized export assistance that helps them introduce or expand their products and services into the North American market.

Our portfolio and industry specializations include but are not exclusive to export development, management consulting, communications strategy, oil and gas, aerospace, consumer product sales, information and communication technology (ICT), product marketing, health care, education, logistics, e-commerce, and customs and regulatory guidance.

The North American market offers a great deal of opportunity for global business development, in traditional industries and emerging sectors like green technology, artificial intelligence, services, and e-commerce. Be it traditional distribution channels, e-commerce business, end user customers, joint venture partners, or manufacturers’ representative, the Grow Trade Consulting Inc. team can identify the optimal market entry approach for your product or service.