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Data analytics, AI, and robots, oh my!

We had a great time at Unleashing Innovation: Urban Mobility & Manufacturing Technology, held in Toronto this week and hosted by the Toronto Region Board of Trade.

Unleashing Innovation embraced the future with a look at the technology and equipment that can change the lives and business capabilities of urban centres – including those of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

This event featured talks covering topics such as technology in manufacturing, the Internet of Things (IoT), robots and robot-centred design, cybersecurity, and understanding ethics in artificial intelligence (AI) integration. Exhibitors showcased forward-facing technologies such as 3D printing, drone delivery, AI tools, manufacturing solutions, and others. Attendees also had a chance to get an in-person introduction to Geoffrey, Tiny Mile’s robot courier; PTer, Taiga Robotics’ pick-and-pack cobot; and Sarit’s own covered Ebike for urban environments.

Technological advances have the potential to save costs in manufacturing and delivery, reduce waste and environmental impacts, and increase productivity; it’s important to not only learn about these technologies, but carefully plan for their coexistence with humans – and a better future for all. Companies offering these products/services may find opportunities in the Canadian market.

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Pexels photo by Alex Knight

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